Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Exuberant Animal

Remember last year I interviewed Frank Forencich?

Here he expands on his philosophy - primal, practical and playful.

How do we cope with living in what is an alien environment, where we don't move enough, where our food is wrong and where we no longer have a tribe.

From the Exuberant Animal blog


dangoldberg33 said...

very cool concept and I think classes like this could be so much more beneficial and fun than the typical "Body Bar Blast" or "step" classes that dominate the industry today. I think you can already see the emergence of group fitness classes similar to this with Zumba which is a dancing aerobics class, which is fun and not just work. The video made me smile and laugh.

John Sifferman said...

That really is the missing element in so many people's exercise regime's - fun, even playfulness. Frank's the man!

Natural Athlete said...

That was a fun day, you can see me and my wife orbiting around Frank, my buisness partner in parkour visions was the camera guy. I think that the study of play behavior is incredibly important to understand fitness, and incorporating a playful approach is incredibly important for developing fitness.