Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Video of Art DeVany

Jeff Erno pointed to this as did Richard

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Interesting finally to see Art with his shirt off.

The full story is here.


Hans Hageman said...

I'll take Devany's "ground truth" research over a lot of other "real" researchers. I've got 20 years to do him one better!

Brad Reid said...

Art is great and that is a very complimentary piece, I think, with a fair appraisal of his ideas.

One important correction. Not a Julia Child meal, they said?

Well, anyone who followed Julia Child knows she was a strong advocate of butter and eschewed margarine... almost as if it was a by-product of the devil.

It seemed to work just fine for Julia who, even though quite large and not of the body-type we associate with long lives, she lived to an advanced age working hard and very productive to the very end of her life.

I hope and expect the same for Art!

Brad Reid

Zach said...

Well said, Brad. Very well said.