Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Old style MovNat

Just a bit of fun in the MovNat Methode Nauturelle vein.


Chainey said...

Looks like the first ever Parkour practitioners to me.

Mike T Nelson said...

I second that! Very cool

Rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)
Extreme Human Performance

Natural Athlete said...

Love those clips beautiful movement especially in that tree.

The guy in question was a circus performer, his acrobatic approach is pretty closely related to the gymnastics and acrobatics at the time which included much more parkour like stuff look up old videos of . There no close relationship to MN. Especially not Erwans so called Rehabilitation pjroject.

Boris Terzic said...

Very cool video. Everything that is old is new again.

Sildenafil said...

Nice video it reminded me when I used to do that, so now I'm a little bit old for that reason now I only enjoy seeing the experts.

buy generic viagra said...

I think this is really funny because he had never arrived up there just with his hands, it was something ridiculous but so good.