Monday, March 29, 2010

Fat consumption and heart disease

See what you make of this:

Dietary cholesterol and egg consumption were associated with increased CVD risk ONLY in those with type 2 diabetes.



Craig said...

Those with Type 2 Diabetes eat too much sugar, sugar causes inflammation, inflammation leads to CVD.

Anonymous said...

Seems a bit odd & perhaps another example of myopic research where a link needs to be drawn between DOC's and fat/cholesterol. Here you have a group with a disease that is driven largely through excess carbohydrate consumption (probably with some help from n-6 PUFA along the way), and the researchers, via FFQ, feel the need to associate eggs & cholesterol with the outcome. Perhaps those who consume a lot of eggs tend to have them on lots of toast smeared with margarine. So are eggs a part of the clinical picture or just an innocent bystander in a game where the researchers have to find some form of high-fat food in order for their results to fit their world view?

Or have I missed the boat completely!!??

williebr said...


It would be neat to see some randomized intervention stuff. However, I find it hard to believe that eggs & cholesterol would behave differently in type II folks.

I suspect that the type II folks that don't eat egg yolks are the more diligent ones who do other stuff right.

AT22 said...

I think all the previous commenters are onto various good points. It's getting a little "old" to try and ferret out one thing that causes disease. I think we should all agree that the whole approach to diet, exercise, stress, and sleep can account for much of the differences in outcome, not just whether you eat eggs or fat.