Monday, April 5, 2010

Z health in 3 minutes....

I have mentioned z health before and the seminar I attended with mc

here is a video of the founder of z health talking about the concepts:

There are other interesting videos just posted too like this one on the arthrokinetic reflex

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Espiritu Arete said...

So, that's some of the method and technique, brilliantly outlined. I've been in clinical massage therapy, I trained folks, mentored with an OMD and Phd. and I had the hardest time explaining the 'broken limb' concept of deficiency. His medical chi kung practice that I learned has helped me stay moving at a rate that never slows. It's good to know this way is now understood and widely disseminated such that Americans can make such longevity and mastery practices 'normal'. Clients hated joint chi kung!