Saturday, July 24, 2010

Barefoot Running - A Guide

Matt has pulled together a good page on barefoot running. Definitely worth a careful read.

The Evolutionary Correct Guide to Running

I am totally in agreement about some of these points, especially posture and walk breaks which are linked. I often see joggers run past with awful posture, bent over, shuffling along. To me one thing that stands out from them is that they do not look fit....they look by their very posture and stance to be damaged. Body language would mark them out as weak, and lacking in "pride" and confidence. They do not look like they could defend themselves. They look like prey....not hunters!

I want fitness to by accompanied by a stance that expresses health and confidence. The bent over shuffle doesn't do that. I'd rather people walked with confidence and pride than shuffled along looking tired and broken down.

If yo are too tired to run with decent posture and style then walk for a while!


colin gordon said...

Nice one Chris. I found the point about the optimal pace for men being around 7:15min/mile interesting as, based purely around my own observations with clients, I seemed to see a reduction in injuries if they could get below 8min/mile.

Chris G said...

Chris this is a great post. You may be aware that Mark Sissons recommended pursuing joggers by a mix of walking,running and other means of physical movement to simulate a "persistence hunt" in a recent post on MDA! Definitely concurs with your idea that joggers often look more like prey than fit humans.