Friday, August 27, 2010

100 rep challenge

Check out the new website for the 100 rep challenge. This is an initiative from my pal Rannoch - interviewed here.

The One Hundred Rep Challenge is……..

A simple practice designed to establish an re-enforce positive, enduring habits
Suitable for everyone, young & old, active & sedentary, everyone can benefit by using 100 reps to work on the areas of their mental & physical wellbeing that require attention. We approach everything as scalable” – rather than one size fits all, the 100 Rep Challenge helps participants find the best route for themselves

The Challenge is a personal one, about accountability and the value of consistent effort. It can work as an individual or group effort but the focus remains a personal one. The Challenge can be used by teachers, coaches, trainers, athletes, families and groups of any kind who require a starting point for a simple daily practice.

Almost any physical activity can be adapted to the Challenge. 100 is simply a number, a starting point, a catalyst. The drills themselves can be about anything that promotes a sense of ownership regarding our health and wellbeing. Mindfulness breathing, stretching and mobility, strength training, rehabilitation –- all of these modalities have their place.

Some time ago it became obvious to some of us that we were sending people on a journey without a map. They knew where they wanted to go, …they just didn’t have a compass. Anyone can learn the basics of getting fit, eating sensibly, taking better care of themselves but without a regular daily practice to re-enforce these habits it is HARD. Why is it bad habits are so difficult to break when good habits are so easy to give up?!

We all need simple rituals, a practice in our lives, that amidst the chaos allows us a little time to breath, move, take charge, focus and relax. The studies on the benefits of regular physical activity are numerous. Mentally, physically, emotionally, we can all benefit from a little movement and perhaps a little stillness. And once a regular practice takes hold the bigger challenges we face suddenly don’t seem quite so intimidating.
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In some ways it reminds me of Joel's site.

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