Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to it ......and what really matters

Back to it now....

I took that photo a couple of days ago, just south of Edinburgh.  It was beautiful.

I spent a few days with family and again it puts things in perspective.  All this fitness stuff has to improve your life, your happiness, your health and longevity.   That is so much more than performance.

The metric has to be health and happiness.


Raymond said...

For sure sometimes you wonder where does it all lead to if its not a competition then what is it? …A Happy Long Life!

maryc said...

Absolutely. Now that I'm in my 50s, my perspective is very different. Now my strength training isn't about how much I can bench or squat but about how training makes me feel, the energy it gives me, and the "insurance" it offers for my future.

Anonymous said...

Today your post caught me off-guard, but I'm sharing it with friends who are moving from here, Atlanta, Georgia, to Edinburgh in the next month. They are leaving Saturday, in fact, to try to find somewhere to live and to look at schools! So thanks for the picture!