Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dairy controversy - milk lowers cardiovascular disease?

Dairy continues to be one that I swither over.  I have no problems with butter.  Milk give me phelgm and while I love cream I had to cut dow recently to lose some bodyfat.

Anyway, this popped up yesterday too:

A study to be published in the January edition of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that drinking three glasses of milk per day may lead to an 18% decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Again, all the usual caveats - association not causation etc.

More here:  Go ahead, drink your milk


JamesSteeleII said...

I have cut back on the cream a bit more now. I eat quite a bit of full fat yoghurt and usually have a raw milk shake with whey a few times a week when i'm feeling lazy. I've been eating less cheese recently as well, though thats more due to me just not thinking about buying it.

Scott W said...

Had to cut dairy starting a few months ago since I discovered I'm intolerant (not lactose, butter still works for me). But I have found that unsweetened almond milk makes a pretty decent glassful and mixes well with things. And if cutting back some on calories, the unsweetened stuff is only 40 calories per cup.

Scott W

Tim said...

Dubious. Remember the "milk helps you lose weight" studies that were funded by milk producers? Any nutrition journal is going to be subject to extreme bias; the studies don't fund themselves because they are not, strictly speaking, basic science.