Monday, December 6, 2010

Four Hour Body Trailer

I have no idea what the book is like....but on any level this is a great video.  I've read Tim's 4 Hour Work Week and it was a good and inspiring book although I think it unleashed a horde of people trying to make their fortune by selling crap ebooks.  Anyway this is really well makes you want to buy the book.   Tim is a top marketeer


John Sifferman said...

Great promo video, but I'll probably pass this one up. I wasn't impressed with the 4HWW and I don't have high expectations of this either. If Ferris ever releases a book on marketing or self-promotion, however, I'll be first in line.

Chuck said...

is that guy doing the flip at the end one of the american ninja warriors?

Natural Athlete said...

Yeah the guy at the end is Brian Orosco he is a friend of mine and has been on Ninja warrior a a few times cool to see him pop up in something totall unexpected.

Chuck said...

yes, brian orosco. that is the slipped my mind. does he do movie stunts? was he doing a roll for a cop movie while he shot that promo clip?

Mike T Nelson said...

I already pre-ordered my copy so I will reserve judgement until I can read the book.

I am sure there will be some to many useful things in the book, and I will know soon! Plus it is cheap!

I loved the 4 Hour Work Week!

Rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)
Extreme Human Performance

shawn @ 4 Hour Body said...

agreed, the video is quite good, but you should definately check out youtube - there;s a new stopmotion trailer, thats really funny and well done