Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Back and some thoughts

I've been away for a few days visiting my parents.  My Dad is getting old and quite frail and it is very hard to see him like this.  Most of this year I've spent watching my girlfriend's Dad deteriorate and die.

All this puts a lot of things into perspective.  You see what really matters.  Family, faith, health.  We are all going to die.  Some of us are going to get old as well. 

Health is important, fitness and function too, but family and friends are high up in the mix too.  We can't forget that.


Hans Hageman said...

Thank you for the reminder. Having lost both my parents and being in my 50's with children ranging from 4 to 27, this resonates. My prayers are with you.

Michael said...

Nicely said. I too am in my 50's, lost my Father almost 28 years now, and I too have kids. Hope you have a good holiday Chris.

olddude said...

As Lecorre would say there are basic movement patterns that we hardesigned to execute. This patterning is also evident in life. The acceptance of life's cycles with equanimity seems a skill to have. The "squat of living" if you will.