Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rannoch interviews Erwan Le Corre

Sorry that I've been posting so much on Erwan and MovNat recently, but following his clinics in Edinburgh there has been a lot to catch up on.  Rannoch has put up an excellent interview with Erwan.

Erwan Le Corre – Talking tigers…

This is a standout quote:

An evolutionary approach is only interesting if it helps us, people of today, people that are still alive. In that sense, I am not interested in a so called “truth”, but in what we can experience today, and how understanding our past may help us improve our present lives.
I am not living a caveman lifestyle, I’m sorry. I am a man of today, I’m in the here and now. I am not “sprinting and lifting heavy things” thinking that I am mimicking a caveman lifestyle. That is BULLSHIT. I am sprinting and lifting heavy things (among many other things I train) in order to be ready to do so in today’s world when the need arises. It’s about real-life preparedness and not role playing. MovNat is about connecting to reality, not to a reality that does not exist anymore.


Anonymous said...

Looks like he took a shot at Mark Sisson there.

Aaron Blaisdell said...

I disagree about interpreting what Erwan said as taking a shot at Mark Sisson (or Robb Wolf, & etc.). They've made the very same points themselves. What Erwan says does not invalidate the approach of using our knowledge of the human species' evolutionary niche to make educated guesses (i.e., hypotheses) about the physiological mechanisms we carry around in our modern bodies and that can be empirically tested. I take it he's really arguing against an anachronistic/re-enactment approach to paleo which may be how some outsiders view the whole movement.