Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kurt Harris (PaNu) interview

Kurt Harris is a legend.  PaNu is an awesome resource.  The more I read and learn the closer I get to stuff that Kurt was writing in the first place - the key is always to minimise or eliminate the 3 neolithic agents:
  • wheat
  • excess frutose 
  • excess linoleic acid.
Anyway, Jimmy Moore has put up a new interview with Kurt.  Do yourself a favour - download it and listen to it!


john said...

Kurt's great. He takes in what's useful and doesn't fall for any fluff "theories."

Tomas said...

yea, he's a f*n' hero

Daniel said...

Thanks. That was an interesting interview, Chris. I am a newbie in this paleo/evolutionary stuff. Can you explain to me why excess linoleic acid is a problem? It's it because it is converted to Arachidonic acid, that is a precursor in the production of inflammatory eicosanoids? Also should nuts be avoided to limit this excess?