Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My training

I was thinking about expanding this blog a bit so that I also recorded - sometimes - my training.  That might show how I put into practice - or try to - some of the things that I discuss here.  I really like what Keith does at Theory to Practice - thinking out loud and showing how he trains.

One of the things that's holding me back is the fact that I am about to enter a really busy few months at work so that my training will be a bit sporadic.  (Although the more busy I end up  - putting in the 12 + hour days  etc and getting more stressed - the more I reevaluate my life and just want to chuck it all in and find something less hectic.  It is hard though.  It is nice to earn good money and there is a certain amount of reward in other ways - status and  achievement.)

Another thing is that some of the stuff that I learn and try to apply is beyond training - it is diet, sleep, stress management, social life, posture etc and I'm not sure that I could or should record all that.  It would all end up a wierd mix of MovNat, HIT, balance, sleep, paleo, Esther Gokhale, Sapolsky, Krav Maga and more.....

We'll see.


Anonymous said...

It would be good to see Chris. I have similar plans for my blog this year too... perhaps a bit more focus on the training stuff and some of my own training/case studies with clients. But neither of us get paid to do this blogging thing, so it all takes second or fifth place behind paying the bills!

Asclepius said...

We should all have had a rough idea of what to do to get a handle on this 'paleo' thing since ADV's Essay on Evolutionary Fitness.

If you cannot get a handle on paleo from that essay then I'd suggest people are over-complicating things!

All the other stuff that has come out since GCBG, WWGF, NED, PB, PS etc... is just gravy. Useful resources and great reads, but gravy.

I like to read paleo-oriented books, papers and blogs to fill in the gaps in my technical understanding, but for me it is as important to read about practical application of the paleo framework and the real-world experiences of others.

There are only so many times you can read "cut grains/o6/HFCS" and "lights-out" or "saturated fat is good", "sprint barefoot", "power law yada yada" etc....

Better (IMHO) to see some blogs featuring diet and workouts accompanied by 'before' and 'after' shots (with the odd rant naturally)!

Devany's fifth law: "We should recognize the limits of knowledge and just get on the path that favours better outcomes".

Show me your path. ;)

Chris G said...

I woudnt mind reading something of how you train Chris, especially as you seem read a lot more on this stuff than I have over the years. Its always interesting to see how someone adopts and uses different protocol for a specific need eg your hillwalking, Krav, daily life etc.

Chris said...


I agree that most of this stuff is footnotes to DeVany's essay. He reignited my interest in training after a few quiet years. I'm half way through his book now and I would recommend it. Nicely written, but he sometimes has to tone things down and be less technical than i would like. I read his blog for years and preferred his more thoughtful and technical stuff. The book is good but he is having to explain things simply for a new audience. It has some nice aphorisms in there though....the Zen stuff!

Chris said...


I used to be quite meticulous about recording workouts, but I got bored with the discipline. Usually things consist of:

- A long walk at the weekend, in the hills if possible
- One or two weight training sessions a week - brief high intensity stuff
- Maybe a sprint session
- if I can fit it in and get out of work in time, a Krav Maga session
some daily things - walks at lunchtime, balance work, mobility stuff to loosen out my hip flexors and keep my glutes firing.

Art DeVany's approach is a good start for the philosophy or Mark Sisson's Primal Bluprint fitness:


summed up as: sprint every now and then, walk around a lot and sometimes lift something heavy.

Marc said...

That is the best comment I've read in over 3 years online!

Ok to use for my next post?

Chris, giving you a shout out on that same post.


Chris said...


thanks for the comment. I've been a great fan of your blog since the early days, as you know, and you always walk the talk and show how we should do this.

Thanks for all the work you do and the inspiration you give.

Asclepius said...

Hi Marc - your post on my blog now makes sense!

Yeah feel free to cut & paste or claim/own/edit my words as you see fit!


Asclepius said...

On a not-unrelated note Methuselah made a similar point;