Saturday, March 26, 2011

Master the skill of barefoot running

I spotted this nice little ebook on barefoot running, from TERRA PLANA Vivo Barefoot.  The PDF is here 

Very detailed and well written


Anthony said...

Hmm, no ran of running for exercise, but he could be a great speaker on "going barefoot".

Thanks for the find Chris.

You are anything but an "amateur" blogger btw. In fact you are the best health and fitness aggregator on the internet as far as I know.

Kris @ Health Blog said...

I really wish the climate was warmer where I live, even in the summer the ground is quite cold except a few hot days during the summer.

I'm waiting for the winter vibram lineup, then I'm probably gonna get some :)

PJNOIR said...

Landing on the ball of the foot and not the heel was how I was taught to run and sprint way back in 1969 by a HS track coach decades ahead of his time. We did have very long strides, not short choppy strides that some seem to think you get. Lift the knee and flick the foot outward and land on the ball. body in a slight forward lean.