Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sprints are fun

This is an interesting one from the perspective of much of what I put up here:  Sprints are more fun than endurance running.  Too many people give up on exercise because it is boring

High-intensity interval running is perceived to be more enjoyable than moderate-intensity continuous exercise: Implications for exercise adherence.

The aim of this study was to objectively quantify ratings of perceived enjoyment using the Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale following high-intensity interval running versus moderate-intensity continuous running. Eight recreationally active men performed two running protocols consisting of high-intensity interval running (6×3 min at 90% VO(2max) interspersed with 6×3 min active recovery at 50% VO(2max) with a 7-min warm-up and cool down at 70% VO(2max)) or 50 min moderate-intensity continuous running at 70% VO(2max). Ratings of perceived enjoyment after exercise were higher (P < 0.05) following interval running compared with continuous running (88 ± 6 vs. 61 ± 12) despite higher (P < 0.05) ratings of perceived exertion (14 ± 1 vs. 13 ± 1). There was no difference (P < 0.05) in average heart rate (88 ± 3 vs. 87 ± 3% maximum heart rate), average VO(2) (71 ± 6 vs. 73 ± 4%VO(2max)), total VO(2) (162 ± 16 vs. 166 ± 27 L) or energy expenditure (811 ± 83 vs. 832 ± 136 kcal) between protocols. The greater enjoyment associated with high-intensity interval running may be relevant for improving exercise adherence, since running is a low-cost exercise intervention requiring no exercise equipment and similar relative exercise intensities have previously induced health benefits in patient populations.


Steven Rice Fitness said...

Besides more fun leading to more adherence, HIT increases EPOC(Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption). The intervals need to be shorter to maximize it, but the key is the intensity level being achieved. Sprinting also will increase strength.

Ryan said...

I agree that sprinting is more fun than endurance. Except when you stop and your heart is going a million miles an hour.

I think it does depend on personality as well. For myself endurance running is boring and sprints allow me to get my workout in and move onto something else.

It is cool though when you have run for an hour or more without stopping. It is a great sense of accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

That's because running for 50 minutes is really damned hard unless you have trained to run for 50 minutes.

Of course they hate it, it's sheer hell.

If you are an endurance runner, on the other hand, it is a pleasant little jog.

Tin Cup said...

Being someone who spends most of cardio time on a treadmill, I was smacked in the face by how much I lacked in HIT when I was asked to play basketball with some guys at the gym. Believing my training would allow me to keep up, I was gravely mistaken when after about three minutes I was sucking for air. I immediately began incorporating HIT and it's been great.

Love the blog! Feel free to drop by mine. I am chronicling my quest to being in the best shape of my life (how often have you heard that!)

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