Thursday, April 7, 2011

Barefoot running is more efficient

Here is another one for the barefoot supporters.

Oxygen Cost of Running Barefoot vs. Running Shod

..............For the overground and treadmill conditions, recorded VO2 while running shod was 5.7% and 2.0% higher than running barefoot. It was concluded that at 70% of vVO2max pace, barefoot running is more economical than running shod, both overground and on a treadmill.

There is something more efficient about being about economical, you don't even ned to buy shoes!


Steven Rice Fitness said...

Interesting, and gratifying for a barefoot fan. Does the paper identify why the difference? I can guess it's more efficient gait, but could also be the shoes are absorbing energy.

Steven Sashen said...

And for those people who get nervous about stepping on (or in!) things when they're barefoot... or who like the feeling of being barefoot but also like being able to get into a restaurant... may I recommend Invisible Shoes sandals

Geoffrey said...

I'm not a member of the site that hosts the study so I can't read the entire thing, but I find the results as described in the abstract pointless. Knowing what was on the participants feet is far less important than knowing how they were using them – mid/forefoot vs. heel striking. Sounds to me like this study already had it's findings in mind before anyone did any running.