Sunday, May 8, 2011


I interviewed Frank here


Roadkill said...

Maybe. But certainly better to live now than 200-10,000 years ago. Nature brings a lot of very undesirable things as well-infectious disease (I'll take that anti biotic thank you), hunger, famine, high infant mortality (who says primitive man had less stress!) and poor education for most (If you value knowledge, this is by far the best time to be alive).

GymyGym said...

Great Interview, I do Agree with Roadkill's comment as well though. Many people tend to reflect back on a so called "Golden Time" gone by, where we were more connected with the earth and life was better all around. There were very strong reasons that Roadkill cites as to why we moved out of jungles nature etc. and sought to incubate ourselves from those harms. I think a more midway approach, of finding the balance of integration and control will reap the best rewards. Always the middle way

Schwinn 460 Elliptical said...

Pretty awesome video. Thanks from Norway.