Friday, May 27, 2011

Colin Gordon on Posture

My pal Colin - from Edinburgh Deep Tissue Massage -  has posted a superb new piece in his series on posture:

Improving your posture Pt2

Excellent ideas which I will steal when I come to write a future article on the dangers of sitting too much.

One of the quickest ways of getting big improvements is to target the hip flexors and superficial fascia of the pelvis. Tight hip flexors inhibit the glutes, hip extensors, and through our largely sedentary life styles are one of the big contributors to disrupting our posture and this is also a big issue in athletic performance where the glutes are the powerhouse of so many activities. This inhibition of the glutes makes it difficult to recruit them to pull the pelvis posteriorly and back into balance. The anterior tilt also makes it difficult to recruit the musculature of the lower abdominals so you can see why when you are asked to bring your pelvis back to neutral by contracting both these groups it is possible to do but difficult to hold and as such simply trying to strengthen either of them may be a challenge for some and even for those who can still isn’t going to cut it since there is still a downward pull on the pelvis.

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