Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dan John Workout

A few day's ago I put up a short review of Dan John's new DVD Intervention. 

I just wanted to point to his recent blog post Lifetime Warrior Workout where he puts some of the principles from that DVD into practice in a simple workout pdf.

Definitely worth a look.  As Dan says:

It’s a very simple sheet, but it contains, in the simplest of ways, the gems of fighting age with weights and stretching.


Bill said...

It kind of looks like ol' Dan John needs to do more of his own workouts. Another of the very many over-elevated "gurus".

colin gordon said...

Care to explain why?

Dr. John said...

I'll help explain...he's fat.

Large amount of visceral adiposity and hyperlordosis for compensation. He's eating the wrong foods and not training properly. I can understand if he is progressing from being very overweight before, and now he is much slimmer.

"If you talk the talk, you better walk the walk"

colin gordon said...

So you're saying that because he's fat he has no useful information to pass on regarding how to get stronger? I'd suggest that Dan John very much walks the walk never mind talking the talk regarding how to get stronger.

Bill Strahan said...

First Bill and Dr. John: Don't be limited in your assessment. His focus is strength and power. If you had bothered to go look at what his material teaches you would see that that is the focus. Looking trim isn't.

My guess is Dan John is about right where he wants to be in body composition. And I believe he's done it long enough to know at what body comp he gets the performance he's after.

A marathoner would probably say I'm horribly overweight. A powerlifter would say I'm horribly skinny. I'm within 5 pounds or so of where I want to be.

Chris said...

First Bill / Dr John

Dan John is not fat. He is a successful Olympic lifter, Highland Games Competitor and Discus Thrower. He has a clear and rational philosophy of coaching and he has a track record of training athletes. He knows what works and communicates it well.

I am probably only encouraging you by taking the bait and responding but you do not do yourselves any favours with comments like that.