Sunday, August 28, 2011

Exercise Training & Brain Health

In the past I've posted a few things about exercise and brain health, not least the work of John Ratey, and his book Spark.   I can't remember if I've posted it but there is also the work of Kelly Lambert who looks tmovement in terms of addressing depression.

Anyway, I saw this mentioned on Twitter the other day:

Exercise Training Increases Mitochondrial Biogenesis in the Brain.

Exercise training increases brain mitochondrial biogenesis which may have important implications, not only with regard to fatigue, but also with respect to various central nervous system diseases and age-related dementia that are often characterized by mitochondrial dysfunction.

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Unknown said...

well, i suppose other than keeping your brain and nervous system 'healthy', exercising does give alot of other benefits such as more confidence, possibly be more persuasive too!

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