Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sir Chris Hoy on the squat

This is the great Chris Hoy talking about the squat.  I saw him in the canteen at work one day a couple of years back being interviewed.

His max is around 500lb.

thanks to Clwb Hen Enw for pointing it out.


Raymond said...

thanks for the reminder on how to squat, this and deadlifts I always worry about.

jpfisheruk said...

What was excellent about this is his first comment about improving time.....he basically says it's the skill of pedalling and cycling. Absolutely right!

All athletes/coaches should know that this is the priority. Of course improving strength and the conditioning of the athlete can enhance performance but skill is the number 1.

Chris said...

Agreed - skill training is always the most important. Strength facilitates it but that is all