Monday, October 10, 2011

Inactivity and Metabolic inflexibility

This one looks fascinating.

Metabolic flexibility is getting some interest in the blogs recently.  (Because of my own interest in walking up mountains, I found JS's account of his fasted walk up Mount Whitney  both inspiring and educational). The idea is that a healthy body has the capacity to switch between fuel sources - fat or sugar - as necessary according to the circumstances.

If you can put up with the photos and adverts, Mike has a piece on metabolic flexibility on T nation, presumably culled from his PhD

Anyway, it is an interesting topic for you to go and google if you want to find more.  What prompted this post was this abstract that popped up which indicates that basic inactivity itself is  a key cause of metabolic inflexibility and its associated problems.

Physical inactivity as the culprit of metabolic inflexibility: evidence from bed-rest studies

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Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks for the shout out Chris!

Yes, there is a whole bunch of literature coming out over the next several years on Metabolic Flexibility. The study you mentioned is very very interesting!

Ironically, I am just finishing a 23 hour fast now!

Anything I can do to help you and your readers, please let me know.

If all goes well, I will have some literature in peer reviewed journals at some point on Met Flex. The publishing process is such a long one though!

Rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)