Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Squatting

Marc has another helpful post on Squatting which follows up some of the ideas I was discussing with Colin last week.

Grooving the Raw Squat - Setting up and Performing a good rep.

Again, he stresses breaking at the knees - not sitting back - and squatting between your legs.

By reaching with your knees you are creating room for your hips to sit into this will allow you to keep your hips under the bar instead of sitting back and increasing the distance from your hips and the bar.  You should be looking to achieve full depth


john said...

I just don't understand the point of squatting like this. If someone can give a convincing argument, then okay. But, depth for the sake of depth doesn't make much sense (considering both are below parallel), and emphasizing the hips, as in wide stance sit-back, would seem to benefit athletics more.

john said...

Louie Simmons has told me that several sprinters he has trained have gotten great results with very wide squats and sumo deadlifts.

Anonymous said...

No offense but depth is of the utmost importance in weightlifting and powerlifting federations where lifter are required to squat deep. Squatting with a wide stance is only really applicable to people who squat in multiply feds.

Hip/Quad Dominant is a stupid way of thinking because it introduces dichotomy where none exist. Movement patterns use the muscles that the skill requires. So to squat to depth you need to look at the best movement to achieve your goal.

The "sports specific" argument is different entirely suffice to say louie simmons isn't cranking out world record sprinters. He is however cranking out "world record" holding SPF squatters.

If your goal is to squat loads of weight in a multiply federation than by all means wide stances are by far in a way superior.

Volcano Vaporizer said...

High-rep deadlifting distinguishes serious athletes from copy cats. This nine-week program will help you go heavy for many associates.

jason @ personal trainer said...

I must admit all my training taught me that it was the depth that was most important, but I should imagine that knee depth has its benefits, more I should think in speed squats.