Monday, October 10, 2011

Sugar free products are not healthy.....EAT REAL FOOD!

just a quick one, from the Guardian.  A study in the British Dental Journal, indicates that some of the additives in sugar free products are harmful to teeth.

The literature review, by academics from the universities of Boston, Helsinki and Southern Nevada, concludes: "As the use of sorbitol and xylitol containing products increases, the public should be educated on the hidden risk of dental erosion due to acidic additives, as well as the adverse effects of gastric disturbance and osmotic diarrhoea. Especially in sugar-free products, these adverse effects may be more insidious because the public has blind confidence that they are oral health friendly."

Real food guys.  Eat real food.


FeelGoodEating said...

So simple..... REAL FOOD.

My advice to those that still wrestle with it,
DONT BUY IT AND ALLOW IT IN YOUR HOUSE, this is the easiest way to not allow it to get into your body either.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but then what CAN I eat?

Sugar itself is not exactly healthy for you. In fact, the way it's processed and bleached, I wouldn't consider it real either.

So should I only allow fruits, vegetables and nuts into my home? Nothing that doesn't grow?

Maybe I shouldn't buy anything that comes in a package?

Asclepius said...

I read an OP in The Times the other day about the problem of obesity and I was quite surprised about how paleo-friendly the authors message was. (The Times online is subscription only so I cannot provide a link).

Janet Street Porter also tackled this theme in the context of Denmark's fat tax, writing "Picking on fat as the sole reason for health problems is bizarre — sugar, salt and carbs consumed to excess can be just as problematic." (

The point is, it really is getting in to the public consciousness that REAL FOOD is where it is at for health. All we need to do is now tackle fat phobia and get saturated fat classified once-again as a REAL FOOD!

Read more:"

tyler said...

So what should I have to appease my weekly bubbly-tooth?

Chris said...

Anonymous - yes that would be a good start. No packaged food, no processed food.

Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables.....real food.