Sunday, November 20, 2011

460 kg Squat (Unofficial World Record)

It looks really easy!  Nice to see him walk out with it too rather than the monolift thing. 

via Martin Berkhan


Falling Leaves Kung Fu said...
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Fitness Body 4 Life said...

That is nuts .. but at the same time he doesn't look in shape at all so becoming a power lifter to me doesn't really make any sense lol

john said...

This is a world record in what context (federation, weight, etc)? This is the best depth I've seen at this weight.

Fitness Body 4 Life,

I can't tell if that was just spam, but about people who use that argument of yours, it's pretty safe to assume they're [you're] stupid.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the hoist cables coming down from the ceiling, attached to the bar? If you look real close you can see them.

FredrickM said...

yes did not found any hoist cables.