Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Health and Strength

I am still thinking through things in response to watching my Dad's sad decline through vascular dementia.  It has given me perspective as I said and makes me think of how I train, move and live to stay healthy and happy.

Strength is key.  Maintaining strength, muscle and function.  But the trick is to do it safely, without causing damage.

Linked to that is play, movement, activity, where possible in the outdoors to take advantage of the general psychological benefits of green exercise.  This is to be complex to work on brain health, generating "brain density", thinking about the material I've been reading on neuroplasticity, so I continue to try to learn to juggle.

Function too - maintaining, all the basic movements patterns: gait, squats, hinges, pulls, pushes.

So I am mixing up HIT,  Dan John and hillwalking.....


Thomas said...

Hi Chris-care to share how you mix it up? I am doing something similar (I think) and quite like it. Safety and longevity comes first, a good butt kicking second.

Avishek said...

strength is inversely associated with all-cause mortality in men. Probably nothing new