Monday, December 5, 2011

It’s appalling how we disuse the body

Erwan Le Corre would like this:

Food is advertised rather than hunted for...

Irene at Human Groove wrote about this in a good post   Indeed it led her on to more thoughts at this later post which has some more exciting movements, with a child having some great fun.

Child’s Play and The Void

So often we coddle and “baby” our kids, telling them things like, “that’s dangerous”…..”be careful”…..”you’ll hurt yourself”.

These statements, over time (can) make it such that a new little human being starts to distrust their own instincts and movement skills.

I’ve watched many infants crawl to ledges of staircases and various drop-offs, and if you let them sense the void and distance below them, they’ll back off.

Of course there are moments in an infant’s development when you need to set a few boundaries and offer a little guidance, but more often than not, kids, infants especially, can sense danger. They feel it in their insides. Their guts tell them when something isn’t safe.

For us adults, letting our younger counter-parts grow this invaluable gut instinct is essential.

As adults, we need to re-kindle and re-awaken this part of us.

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