Thursday, January 12, 2012

Burn the chair and move

This is superb from mc (interviewed here)

Burn the Chair, We’re Wired to Move: Towards Design Implications for Inovation, Discovery and Creativity in HCI via Neural Science and Human Performance Studies

The whole paper is here, but here is the abstract:

(The following paper is meant as a starting exploration around the questions: if we know that our bodies’ state has an impact on our cognitive performance, what are the implications for design and evaluation of design – particularly design to support creativity, innovation, discovery?)
As per the Creativity Tools Report, 2005, a goal of Human Computer Interaction / Human Factors research with respect to creativity and cognition has been to develop principled heuristics that can both inform design of software, hardware and their environments, as well as offer a foundation for evaluation metrics [41]. As an approach towards developing such formalisms, we propose a novel combination of research from two domains not usually associated with HCI: (a) neuroscience for its mapping of creative acts to brain area and function, and (b) human performance for its research of physical activity’s effects on cognition. We show how research in both these areas may be combined to inform new, neural based insights into design and evaluation. We suggest that working from this perspective may significantly reconfigure knowledge work software, hardware and work environment design and evaluation.

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