Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I hate running

I really don't enjoy running that much.  But every year I do a mass participation 5K here in Edinburgh...without training for it.  I walk in the hills every week and do a strength training session too but don't run.  Sometimes I go through a phase of doing some sprints but not lots.

As long as I can run round this course without training I think I am doing OK.


Anonymous said...

Holy heel strike, Batman

Chris said...

I knew someone would say something like that with that last photo.

That was crossing the finish line as I was slowing down. Honestly I was fore foot striking for most of the run.

M. Amico said...

I really don't like to run either but when I hit the gym i'll settle for a sprint or a really long walk.

There are times tho where I'll hike to the top of a tall hill then run down, its the only way i'll keep running. By force. lol