Monday, January 2, 2012

Lose weight...hacking your fat

interesting article in the New Scientist on lazy ways to lose weight:

  • Get vaccinated - at least one common cold virus has been linked to obesity
  • Avoid chronic stress
  • Keep the temperature lower
  • Stress a high protein diet
  • Avoid plastic packaging, BPA etc
  • Sleep in the dark, avoiding night light
  • Avoid air pollution
  • Have a lie in / get more sleep
It is interesting to read the whole thing: Eight lazy ways to lose weight

Some of those would be familiar to readers here - like the sleep in the dark.  Others are in Ferris's book the 4 Hour Body


Diana Guess said...
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Billy Oblivion said...

We don't vaccinate against colds.

Which isn't a reason not to get vaccinated for almost anything else we DO vaccinate for, from HPV to the annual flu.

texmex said...

Vaccination will not keep the flu away...