Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bad social experiences promote inflammation

This is fascinating - the impact of stress from competitors and general social interactions can promote inflammation.

Negative and competitive social interactions are related to heightened proinflammatory cytokine activity

These findings suggest that daily social interactions that are negative and competitive are associated prospectively with heightened proinflammatory cytokine activity.

It is all about environment.....but that is not just diet,  social interactions, other stresses are important too.  Getting your stress under control - work, relationships etc - is as vital as diet.  You can get diet and exercise dialed in but if you are chronically stressed from other things then you will still suffer. 

I am like this at the moment from work and family pressures

There is a good commentary here.


Mark Reifkind said...

not surprised at all. stress is stress,and inflammation is a response to that.

Wysocki said...

Sports Med Res said...
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Sports Med Res said...

I think this is particularly important with our college or high school age individuals. They are competing in their sports but also trying to balance the academic and social stress they are experiencing.