Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Birthday dinner

OK, so today I am 44.  I am not going to give one of those daft macho posts about how I will kick old age in the arse.  It is coming to us all and we cannot stop it. I am sure we can delay and cut the risk of disease, but believe me one day you will be old and disabled or you will be dead.  Today is what you have.  NOW!  Live it right now and prepare for eternity.


Anyway tonight was a meal to celebrate my birthday and we went to Wedgewood on the Royal Mile, my favourite Edinburgh restaurant.  The dining room has been redecorated and refreshed recently and it has made a difference to the feel of the place.  (I'd recommend this place or Le Sept to a visitor to Edinburgh.  Le Sept is my regular lunchtime haunt, while Wedgewood is for special occasions)  It was   - as ever - well presented.  It all tasted fantastic too.

the amuse bouche

Rabbit terrine with piccalilli and sweetcorn ice-cream

Salmon, mash, shrimp, some green stuff

goats cheese demifrio and this wierd red onion balsamic sorbet

Fantastic stuff t


Nigel Kinbrum said...

Many Happy Returns!

Chris said...

Thanks Nige

FeelGoodEating said...

HA you're old like me :-)

Happy birthday Chris.


Chris said...

Thanks Marc

CarbSane said...

Happy Birthday young man!

JamesSteeleII said...

Happy Belated Birthday Chris!! Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Chris said...

Thanks Evelyn and James.

It was a long day at work, but a great meal!

Bill DeSimone said...

Happy birthday Chris and thanks for the good work

Asclepius said...

Belated birthday wishes Chris. Here's to the next 44 years!