Saturday, March 3, 2012

UK: The Public Bodies, (Sustainable Food) Bill

From The Weston A Price Foundation London Chapter:

ACTION ALERT - Government moves to enforce their dietary guidelines upon schools, prisons, hospitals and all other public bodies. Please lobby your local MP and interest groups. Details below.

The Public Bodies, (Sustainable Food) Bill has just passed its second reading in the Houses of Commons.

This bill will force all public bodies, i.e. schools, prisons and hospitals to comply with the government's low fat, low salt, nutrient deficient dietary guidelines. This will bring Britain in-line with USA, where Federal Funding is dependent on compliance with the USDA's dietary guidelines which have caused so much harm. That drive is coinciding with corporations having their food certified as being one of your five a day. So we see baked beans and pizza being certified in order that they gain catering contracts if this legislation is passed.


If this bill is passed, parents will only be able to provide nutrient dense foods if they provide a packed lunch and will be banned from lobbying their school to introduce nutrient dense foods. We have even seen in some American States, schools telling parents what to put in school lunches and Chicago has banned packed lunches to stop Parent's circumventing the dietary guidelines.

This bill is one step towards a tax on fat, saturated fat and sugar, which Prime Minister David Cameron has voiced support for this in the recent "Conservative" Party Conference. We are even against a tax on sugar because it will encourage artificial sweeteners.

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Nigel Kinbrum said...

"This will bring Britain in-line with USA..."
There's the fundamental problem.