Sunday, April 29, 2012

The 21 Convention

Anthony has put together a great line up of speakers for this year's conventions.  Click here to visit The 21 Convention LLC. I don't know about the pick up guys, but on the exercise front he has managed to bring together some innovative  thinkers and writers:

In London he has:  Dr John Briffa, Simon Whyatt, Simon Shawcross and James Steele II.

Austin Texas will feature: Doug McGuff, Robb Wolf, Drew Baye, Dave Asprey and Keith Norris

I've interviewed a few of these guys, follow all of them through their blogs, twitter etc and think that these events will be like my RSS dumping its contents into a conference suite.  Anthony always does high quality video of the events, so even if you can't make it look forward to some excellent presentations.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Anthony is ever going to invite a different line of speakers? The HIT, paleo, Objectivist bias is apparent every year.

Anonymous said...

What would you want? Chronic cardio people, vegans and people who tell you that reality doesn't exist?

Anthony said...

HAHA, that second comment sounds like something I'd say!

Regarding the first commenter: I have two issues with your comment.

1 - your premise is false. The lineup does keep growing, and it is no where near as narrow as you are making it out to be.

2 - of the "bias" you do see ... what do you expect me to do? Invite speakers who I do not believe are correct in their respective field?

Of course I'm going to lean in those directions. I am convinced they are fundamentally right. That doesn't mean I agree with every specific detail.

Nor does it mean I absolutely exclude people with conflicting ideas.

Keith Norris for example is not a HIT trainer or primary advocate.

Neith is Robb Wolf ... Mark Sisson ... etc.

Daniël Niks said...

Anthony, I've never visited the actual convention, but the videos you've thrown online have helped me in developing personally and professionally. Thank you!

Jim said...

You can get protein from plants, please explain how that isn't reality.