Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Robb Wolf's Paleo Budget Shopping Guide

The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

If just received a review copy of Robb Wolf's new ebook - a Paleo Budget Shopping Guide - and have been quickly skimming through it.  I like it.


The book is aimed clearly at addressing one key complaint - "I can't afford it!".   People may be convinced that a paleo diet is wise and could solve  their health and performance issues, but it just seems like it would be beyond their wallet.  It is very much a book for this century when many have forgotten how to buy and cook real food.

You can afford it!

Robb sees this very much as an excuse - often it is about making time to shop and cook - and explains how you can improve your diet to adopt a Paleo template without going bankrupt. 

Cook, Plan, Save, Shop and Prepare

Across the ebook's 6 chapters, Robb deals with these key principles.

    The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide
  • Learn to cook - there are preparation methods that make things cheap and easy, like a pressure cooker or slow cooker.
  • Plan your meals - a bit of planning will stop waste and allow you to pull together the maximum meal from minimum resources.
  • Money Saving tricks - Robb outlines a few ideas on saving money on your shopping - buying in bulk for example and getting ingredients not products so that you are not paying someone else to do the preparation.
  • Budget Shopping Priorities - the tweaks....if you can afford organic and grass-fed , what should you go for?
  • Kitchen tricks - final ideas and hacks for saving time and money in the kitchen...freezing and cooking in bulk for example.

Not just for Paleo 

 Yes this is aimed at paleo adopters.....but I am convinced that there are lessons here that would help any of us...whatever your diet.  If you want to eat real food but are worried about affording it then this book will point you in the right direction.

The Voice

If you listen to Robb's podcasts you will recognise his voice in the writing - it is playful, witty and accessible.  Highly recommended!

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The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

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