Friday, August 31, 2012

Two more on intermittent fasting

Nothing much to this post, but I wanted to point to a couple of recent posts on Intermittent Fasting.

First off a post from Adelfo Cerame where he describes his diet approach.  
He talks about IF, refeeds and how he cycles his calories and macros.  Some really useful material.

Then there was a post today from John Briffa where he analysis a new study on eating frequency.

The study was just published and being a PLoS one it is all available for free  -

The higher rise and subsequently fall of insulin in the Low Frequency  diet did not lead to a higher fat oxidation as hypothesized. The LFr diet decreased glucose levels throughout the day (AUC) indicating glycemic improvements. RMR and appetite control increased in the LFr diet, which can be relevant for body weight control on the long term.

It is worth reading the whole study because the results are quite interesting.   Very frequent eating  - every hour - messed with blood sugar and appetite control.  There was some indication though that there might be an advantage to more frequent protein ingestion to promote muscle protein synthesis, but it was not clear.

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