Friday, September 21, 2012

Bill De Simone on forearms

We know that Bill is fantastic.  His books on exercise are some of the most rational and straightforward texts on form and biomechanics out there.  If you do not already have it please check out his book  Congruent Exercise

I interviewed Bill here.


FeelGoodEating said...

I really love this guy. Simone makes it very easy for the laymen to understand the science behind it.
Thanks to Simone I fixed my shoulder issue when I switched doing shoulder presses with palms facing in only .
Never had another issue .

I think I've spelled this little exercise out before but if you want a kick ass hand strength, start with once a week taking the large Sunday news paper and divide it in half. Equal portions for both hands. Now take 1 sheet of paper and put the corner in the palm of your hand. Now crumble into a ball using only your fingers and hand. Crumble and squeeze into a TIGHT ball. Switch hands and do the same. Go through the WHOLE Sunday paper like this. In the beginning I could only finish 4 sheets per hand.

Youur forearms fingers and hands will be sore for 3 days. Recover and do again next Sunday. Once you've built up to once a week an entire newspaper you can do another newspaper mid week. Careful grabbing your loved ones...your grip will be very different after 4 weeks of doing this.


Koops said...

Fascinating. And logical. I love the way - if you close your eyes - you can hear Christopher Walken in his voice. Would LOVE to hear him say "So he hid it the one place he knew he could hide it - his ass"! Seriously, though, terrific post.

Congruent Exercise said...

Somehow I missed this. Thanks for the good words. Not the first time I've heard the Christopher Walken thing, unless you're the same guy on Darden's board. Anyway, along the lines of forearms, I don't know if you saw these:

one chapter I didn't use in Moment Arm Exercise, and one is the text for the video. Thanks again.