Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another Sunday morning

I am finding it harder sometimes to keep finding things to post here.

I am no scientist or expert and I hope you realise this.  If you want a good analysis of the science and the new studies, check out Suppversity or Chris Beardsley's site.

There is so much information out there now on blogs and we are all so often searching for the new and the novelty.  The basics are what really matter and they are not actually that complicated.  I've been guilty of this myself, always looking for the secret knowledge.  I've come full circle in many ways with respect to diet for example.  The whole paleo thing has gone mental and I have found success basically in an old fashioned sensible diet - as Lyle McDonald recommends.  There is some tracking of calories and macros but with simple rules it is not too hard.

Not sure what I am getting at here!

Oh well, I am still getting into the hills on a nice autumn day....which is what matters.


Anonymous said...

Lyle is awesome. I've followed his stuff since the BodyOpus diaries.

That said, I'm pretty sure that Lyle would agree with me when I say that his strong suit is body composition per se. Health, while still a concern of his (e.g., he's not going to advise people to do something affirmatively unhealthy), is not the main target of his advice. His advice is geared more toward aesthetics and performance.

Much of the paleo-ish advice, I think, works the other way around. That is, health first, aesthetics and performance second.

... which is why I still follow Lyle but also keep up with some of the sane paleo folks (think Guyenet). And these camps are not at odds. Lyle many times recommends eating real food over processed crap, and Guyenet recognizes the facts of calories in versus calories out.

It's the kooky witch-doctor paleo types that have given their "movement" a bad name... which is a shame, because some of what they say needs to be heard.

George Super BootCamps said...

I like what anonymous said, pretty much follows what I've found with my work with myself and clients.

I also think that for the majority of time we should be aiming for a degree of paleo - for health reasons - and then focus more on calories and a bit of calculation when we need to produce a specific change within the body (or the paleo isn't working quite as it was for the almost ubiquitous goal of weight loss!).

I had a drive around my potentially new area yesterday, just south of the Lake District, Milnthorpe is closest to getting our vote so far, close to a train station, the M6 and 30 mins from the Lakes! Bonza.

Keep up the good work Chris,

Chris said...


i don't know that area well but I've driven throh a few times. Looks nice with access to the Dales Howgills, Lakes and more.

Chris said...


Yes you are right I was just feeling a bit grumpy. Paleo as a general template is fine if it means getting a focus onto real food. However for body composition changes you need to do some thinking about calories and macros. I remember at one time I used to drink a lot of double cream....and wonder why I was not getting leaner. Yes it was real food, but the calorie count is amazing..

Guyenet is a great guy, writes well and is very calm in the face of some hysterical critics.

Lyle writes well, explains things well....and comes across as a real tosser, but I think he would recognise that. I've read his stuff for years. His Flexible Dieting book is one of the best texts out there on diet for weight loss and maintenance in my view.

M Ted Droski said...

You can see some of this realization in the volume of everyone's posts on blogs. Part of me wonders if it seasonal, and I expect the volume to pick up in late winter/spring as we all get excited to go outdoors, but i think it's bigger than that. It's a leveling out of sorts. Less fevered devotion and more consistent committment to real food, real living.

FeelGoodEating said...

@ Chris & m Ted Droski,

Spot on!!

The "secret knowledge" is so ridiculously simple...that it baffles most. One of life's greatest paradoxes in my opinion.

The basics, day in day out... it's just to simple for most.

1. Be happy
2. Love family & friends & neighbors like crazy
3. Eat REAL food, go hungry sometimes
4.Walk EVERY day
5. Exercise in line with what excites you and it will never be exercise to you. Do this 3 times a week
6. Lift heavy things 2 x a week
7. Stay curious
8. Stay vain, remember at some point in your youth you thought you were the shit, dont ever let go of that feeling, as you age you will realize we are ALL the shit, knowing it and holding on to it will, will give you confidence.
9. STAY sexually active. It's part of our make up. Millions of married couples in the U.S.A dont even sleep in the same bed anymore. Human touch, cuddling is of a major requirement for our well being.
10.Realize that in the END everything will be alright, if it's not alright than it's not yet the end.

My little top ten anyway :-)

Chris said...

Marc! I love this!

"Stay vain, remember at some point in your youth you thought you were the shit, dont ever let go of that feeling, as you age you will realize we are ALL the shit, knowing it and holding on to it will, will give you confidence."

You are the shit!

Marc. You might like this video or this one

FeelGoodEating said...

Haha we are ALL the shit :-)

I like those vids. My friend that passed away back in July, send me a copy of the f... It book a while ago but I had never seen the videos.

Again...simple stuff nest pas?

Thanks Chris.