Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lift weights to prevent metabolic syndrome

Of course.  Build some muscle so that they sugar you are eating has somewhere safe to be stored....

"Exercise professionals should strongly encourage the activity of lifting weights among adults of all ages to promote metabolic health," Drs Magyari and Churilla conclude. These efforts should focus on groups with lower rates of weight lifting: women, older adults, Mexican Americans, and lower-income people. 

Lifting Weights Protects Against Metabolic Syndrome, Study Suggests


garymar said...

Of course, as an epidemiological survey, this study is useless to prove anything. Maybe health causes resistance training!

I do think that resistance training improves health, but the authors overstep the line if they advocate so based on this study.

Sue C said...

I agree with garymar: correlation does not mean causation! It may be that people who do resistance training care about their health more generally and eat a healthy diet, watch their weight etc. These factors may be responsible for the reduction of metabolic syndrome in these individuals rather than the resistance training. I don't think this study has proved things one way or the other. Then again the Science Daily may not have reported the findings accurately - just picked on a headline soundbite!