Sunday, October 7, 2012


I have often posted on here about the importance of sleep.  If you have not yet got the message then please listen to Chris Kresser's latest podcast on Revolution Health Radio where he interviewDan Pardi who is a scientist researching sleep and its importance for health.  Dan is also behind the superb Dan's Plan  

Anyway you can listen to the podcast or read the transcript on the site, either way it is full of some really useful and important information.

Why Most People Are Sleep-deprived and What to do About it

Best of all Dan gives some ideas for improving sleep.  Nothing about this is rocket science, but it is all good stuff.   

The thing is, I have written about this before, but my own sleep routine is not great.  I tend to get to bed too late and have been waking up in the night stressing about things.  One thing that I need to address is the internet.  I am getting too addicted to checking, checking and checking - email, twitter, facebook, google reader.  Not much is actually new or that exciting but there is this self imposed pressure to KEEP UP TO DATE....with a lot of pointless drama!  My iphone is the first thing I reach for in the morning and even sometimes if I wake in the middle of the night.  This is not healthy.

There was a good post by a backpacker in the States last week who talked about going without his phone / internet for a while and how it made him feel - truly relaxed!  It is also worth reading and reflecting on.  

But the experiment got me thinking, anyway. Since moving back to Keene, I've been doing things differently than last year. I've cut down drastically on my Internet usage, mostly by cutting out all of my use of forums and web communities. I used to kill hours browsing through discussions on, but I realized I was getting nothing from that community except more and more frustration at the tone of many conversations. I read fewer blogs now, I avoid most news sites, I don't much care what news I'm missing. I feel more relaxed in general, and I now have drastically more time to read books, enjoy the home life, and work on my other projects.

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