Sunday, October 7, 2012

Walking and more

I've not put anything on here for a few days.  I've been busy with work and then I've been trying to write up some stuff on my other blog about recent walks, in Austria and then on the West Highland Way.

The West Highlands

I should have a bit more time now though to put things up here.  The other thing that is going on in the back ground is a little more work on Hillfit, which might see a new expanded version of the book in a few months, with some other services around it, but it is early days.

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I used to use a widget on this blog to share links to interesting things that I was reading via Google Reader, but they took that functionality off.  I often tweet links to things that I have come across that are of interest, so you might want to follow me on Twitter @chrishighcock if you miss that service.  I am pretty broad in my interests - fitness, diet, hillwalking......

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