Saturday, December 15, 2012

the rehabilitation of eggs continues

eggs are not so bad after all:

Use 'em, don't lose 'em! Eating egg yolks adds nutritious benefits

New research suggests that consuming whole eggs may improve blood lipids

Of course eggs are nutritious.  Funny of course that the press release is from the American Egg Board!
About the American Egg Board (AEB)
AEB is the U.S. egg producer's link to the consumer in communicating the value of The incredible edible egg™ and is funded from a national legislative checkoff on all egg production from companies with greater than 75,000 layers, in the continental United States. The board consists of 18 members and 18 alternates from all regions of the country who are appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. The AEB staff carries out the programs under the board direction. AEB is located in Park Ridge, Ill. Visit for more information.

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PeterScott said...

IIRC eating bacon grease every morning on an Atkins diet also improves blood lipids if you lose significant weight and drop out of metabolic syndrome.

Since I am not overweight and not in metabolic syndrome, this isn't going to convince me to bring back eggs.

I wan't to see the effect on relatively normal weight people and I want to see the daily results over time, both fasted and Postprandial.

Then maybe I will start to believe eggs don't affect cholesterol.