Monday, January 7, 2013


One concept that I keep coming back to at the moment is that of consistency.  I did a post last month in which I bemoaned our constant search for a secret or shortcut to muscle, health and fitness.  This quest leaves us open to being led astray by all sorts of gurus and marketing men each selling some new magic formula. If there is any secret it is consistency.  Just keeping going.  It isn't flash or sexy.  It is boring in some ways.

Identify the basics and just keep doing them.  Keep turning up.

At this time of year the gyms get full of new members and the pavements are thronged with new runners and powerwalkers.  The ones who will succeed in their goals are not those with special genetic gifts or those who have the best gear.  Those who will succeed will be those who are still in the gym, still on the streets 6 or 12 months from now.

Basic habits:

  • sleep
  • minimal stress
  • good food (not too much)
  • some resistance training
  • daily activity
  • rinse and repeat.

I post a lot of interesting things on here but I hope that they never distract from those boring basics.  Just keep turning up.

Similar thoughts from Amber

....................there is no magic to weight loss and fitness. I did this without gimmicks, without fad diets, without restricting foods or macronutrients, without spending hours in the gym, without starving myself, without pills and potions, without dicipling myself to any fitness or diet gurus. My results have been dramatic, but the steps I took to achieve them were not. The key to my success, and to yours, is consistency. Good habits, practiced consistently, over time. Its not low carb, or low fat, or crossfit, or clean eating, or raw vegan, or paleo, or zumba, or gluten free or any other fad-du-jour with promises of easy weight loss and ‘ripped abs in 30 days’. It’s consistency. If I could put consistency in a pill and sell it to you, I’d be a millionaire. Because consistency WORKS. The evidence is right there in my progression pics.
I think it throws some people for a loop that I’m showing you these pictures, but not using them as a marketing ploy to sell you a magic pill. People don’t quite know what to make of that. Before/after pics are almost always used as a marketing ploy to sell magic pills (or fad diets, or workout programs, etc). But there’s no magic pill here, no promise of fast and easy weight loss and ripped abs in 30 days. Just the truth: if you make healthy choices, consistently, over the course of several years, you will have results as dramatic as mine. You won’t look exactly like me, because you have different genetics, but you WILL have dramatic results. Your health will improve and your body will change. It’s true.

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The more your data is high frequency the less you know what's going on around you . If you collect all the data web,twitter, text, etc. In a months time probably 1 percent is good info and if it was your more than likely drowning it and you miss the Elephant in the room