Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vanity update

Another vanity post.

Still maintaining a fairly lean state.  Nothing complicated in terms of either training or diet.  As I've been saying it is about consistency, patience and persistence.  I'm 45 and have been training with weights for 30 years.  I am nothing spectacular, but certainly look better and am fitter than most of my 45 year old friends.

My main challenge is keeping that focus on the basics and not being diverted by the glamour of the latest machine or technique.

I am still trying to get stronger because if there is any magic, then that is it - progression.  But beyond all this is a desire to keep safe and avoid injury.

Diet?  Since getting more sensible and introducing more carbs and less fat, I've leaned out a lot.  Not sure if Matt Stone would be happy with me though!


MadeByMeghanK said...

About how many carbs have you found work for you and in what "form"? Sweet potato etc...

FeelGoodEating said...

45 and looking like a rock star Chris!
Keep it going!

You're shoulders have filled out nicely.

At 45 myself ..... Might be time to post a vanity pic too.
And you look better than Matt Stone will ever do, so there.


Chris said...

Thanks Marc

Chris said...


Carbs vary in quantity and you have to work out what is best for you. I'm 200-260g a day at the moment and gradually cutting. I'll up then soon when I move to maintenance.

Sources: potato, sweet potato, fruit, dairy, rice, oats - all sorts of things. Mainly real food. No wheat but if you cope with it, go for it.

Unknown said...

I believe men chase physique to dominate other men, rather than attract women, and both male and female views of attractive physiques for the other gender are inaccurate.
Naturally muscular man, 10-12% BF is close to the ideal, but not required.

But it's true when we percieve our lean physique as attractive and dominant, we behave like that, and this then attracts women, who respond much more to behaviour than appearance itself. And it's much easier and more effective to simply be reasonably lean and muscular than to fake it year-round.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Chris. What's a typical week for you training wise?

JohnnyC said...

I think Chris, unless he has changed his philosophy, believes that safe, congruent, 1 set to momentary muscular failure of a half dozen or fewer strength exercises done once a week is ideal. Also think he walks and hikes whenever he has the chance. Of course, walking is not much of a net Calorie burner. Also, you asked Chris not me, so please correct me if I am wrong, Chris.

Chris said...

Gary / Johnny

Yes, this physique was built on one workout a week plus lots of walking. That workout tends to be:

Wall sit or split squat
Times static Contraction Hip Abduction
dumbbell row
dumbbell side raise
hammer curl
tricep extension

All to failure, HIT / Body by Science style

But to be heretical the last few weeks I've not been going to failure.

Diet is where the abs come from.

JohnnyC said...

Looking good, Chris. Thanks for your inspiring posts. Just FYI, I have been working with Andy now for six weeks and am down to 158 lbs (6 foot tall) about 10% bf (which appears to be where you are) while maintaining or increasing my strength. I would probably not have hired him had you not spoken so highly of the process. Glad I did.

Even at this early stage, I feel like I am set for life as far as knowing what to do in regards to establishing my food intake relative to future goals.

Workout-wise, I am doing a three day split routine MWF which is more than I will likely continue to do once the consultation period ends. I'm a BBS adherent and enjoy the gym but don't feel there is any benefit to spending more than 15 mins twice a week in there. I'd much rather get in, go hard, then go hike with the wife and dogs.

Chris said...


OK - the real heresy is that the last 2 weeks I trained 4 times each week. I like being in the gym too and just to mix things up I've been on an upper / lower split.

JohnnyC said...

Absolutely shocking! Haha! Enjoy yourself and stay safe.

Unknown said...

It's kind of depressing when after years of this health and fitness hunt the recipe for it looks like this: Eat what you want to satiety. Sleep a lot. Strength train progressively and safely, don't overtrain. Walk.

One really needs to find other areas of focus:-)

Stuart Gilbert said...

In the ongoing theme of keeping things simple and realistic, I lov e this article that I've just read. I think you might like it too Chris....

Unknown said...

Chris, did you ever try TSC manual resistance neck exercises? 3x10s flexion, extension, lateral left and right, total time 2 min., intensity 50, 75, 100 percent, well described in PWDIR by Drew Baye. No equipment.

Chris said...

Hi Ondrej

I've played around with TSC for the neck - against the floor - but not consistently


Alan david said...

Im twenty years older and will have to put up a pic to show. I expect to celebrate reaching my 64th by doing 20 pullups ( again this year)

JohnnyC said...

Is there a link to this info of Drew's regarding the TSC neck exercises? I'd appreciate seeing it if you have it. Thanks.

Unknown said...

It's in PWDIR ebook or payed forum at I think the detailed instruction will be in Elements of Form.
Neck flexion, extension, lateral lft/right. Put your hand/s on forehead/back of your head/side to "block" the intended move. 10s 50% effort, 10s 75%, 10s 100%, gradually ease off.