Friday, March 8, 2013

The importance of basic activity. STAND UP

Sitting is still killing you and the odd workout will not cure you.

Fascinating piece of research here and the whole paper is available

Minimal Intensity Physical Activity (Standing and Walking) of Longer Duration Improves Insulin Action and Plasma Lipids More than Shorter Periods of Moderate to Vigorous Exercise (Cycling) in Sedentary Subjects When Energy Expenditure Is Comparable


One hour of daily physical exercise cannot compensate the negative effects of inactivity on insulin level and plasma lipids if the rest of the day is spent sitting. Reducing inactivity by increasing the time spent walking/standing is more effective than one hour of physical exercise, when energy expenditure is kept constant.


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JamesSteeleII said...

I just spent 5 hours consecutively standing up whilst teaching :)

Sat down for 20 mins now, then will be standing for another 3 hours for more teaching and clients.

I go through stretches of sitting, reading and writing alot (though I often pace when I'm reading in the office) or stretches of lots of standing/walking.

marie said...

Chris, thanks for the link, that paper goes after exactly the most practical question, imo.
Meanwhile, you seem to have attracted above a shape shifting Norse deity of . . . spam :)

Alex Beecher said...

I think it's important to consider the "when energy expenditure is kept constant" part. It's not at all hard to burn 700-1000 kcals via running for an hour, or a little more. But doing so while standing/walking would take significantly longer. That is, I really doubt that people who merely stand and go for walks match the energy expenditure of people who exercise at a much higher intensity. In a controlled study? Sure. But not the real world.

Mark said...

I don't think the issue is energy expenditure. The walking/standing group expended 500 calories per day more than the sedentary group, by being not-sedentary for an additional six hours. For a 500 calorie differential over six hours, we aren't really talking about intentional exercise, just movement.

psychic24 said...

Do you ever feel like these headlines are just for sensation than anything else? I mean like sure, we as paleo enthusiasts are all versed in the horrors of elevated insulin..etc, but these values don't really mean jack when taken out of context. People thought that low carb was so fantastic because of the effect it had on blood lipids but seemed to forget the populations that "bad blood lipids" suggested at an increased risk for heart problems was not one eating a low carb diet. Just like when we assume elevated insulin is bad when looking at a population that does certain behaviors 'A', doesn't mean it's good when reduced in a different population that displays behaviors 'B'. You know?

Brad said...

what a bunch of crap!... "One hour of daily physical exercise cannot compensate the negative effects of inactivity on insulin level and plasma lipids", well yeah that is true sort of, because no amount of any kind of exercise will compensate for the negative affects of a bad diet - ie, one that creates a chronic state of raised insulin levels and triglycerides (lipids). Yet... intense exercise that builds muscle has been proven to increase insulin sensitivity so the above claim/statement is just plain WRONG! Btw, INTENSE exercise that increases muscle mass is not walking or jogging, let alone standing. Standing is not an "activity" people! If it doesn't raise breathing rate above homeostasis it's not burning more calories than sitting - or enough of a difference to even warrant talking about.

Simon Whyatt said...

Chris, you mentioned the Primal Blueprint in a post the other day.

While I now question much of the "science" behind the nutrition, I still recommend it to people, in large part due to the exercise/activity recommendations.

Move frequently at a slow pace.
Lift heavy things and sprint once in a while.

Fits right in with the simplicity theme you've been talking about.

I think the important take home message is that there is on one magic bullet.

HIIT is part of the solution, but it doesn't give you carte blanche to sit on your behind the rest of the day...

Simon Whyatt said...

That should have been NO magic bullet.

Though perhaps the "on one magic bullet" could be a great new best selling fitness ebook...

Unknown said...

Simon Whyatt: I actually think HIIT is good for fat loss, but not as a part of hypertrophy program. Interferes with recovery almost as much as another weight session without providing much benefit other than slight fat loss easily achievable through diet. Plus you need a low impact variant like rowing or stationary bike.
Walking on non training days is better.
I don't really believe in romantic "sprint barefoot to unlock your inner Grok."

Physical Therapist Waldwick said...

I found much great info. I think walking and standing is actually more beneficial and effective than one hour of physical exercise. I will try it.