Thursday, March 6, 2008

More Intermittent Fasting Research

It is probably obvious from this blog that I find the whole area of diet, exercise, fitness etc absolutely fascinating and reading and researching this material is a great pleasure. I'm always on the lookout for new information on these things that interest me and one of the areas of my particular interest is intermittent fasting. I recently came across another blog - Spartan Training / the way is in training - which has - among the workout records of its author a couple of interesting articles on IF.

The two blog posts are:
These are two really well thought out and well written posts that will repay some study.

The first does some thinking - based on several studies - about the similarities and differences between IF and CR and the various mechanisms that are at play.

The second looks at a study which suggests the idea that long-term intermittent fasting can lead to improved cognitive function - fasted mice exhibited improved learning and memory compared to controls.

Anyway good stuff and I like how the author throws studies like this in among his Crossfit style training records!


brian said...

Thanks for the plug, glad you enjoyed the material. Stay tuned, as there's plenty more in the pipeline.

Been enjoying your blog for awhile, keep up the quality posts!

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