Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Functional Training - ideas from Krav Maga

I've recently been to a couple of Krav Maga classes. I'm not a fighter but I do think that self defence is a useful skill and Krav is supposed to be simple to learn and very effective.

Last night the focus was on escaping from an attack which ends up with someone sat on top of you either punching or choking you.

A big thing was the bridge - thrusting your hips up and to the side to force the attacker off you. I've often seen the bridge described as a good posterior chain exercise. For example as described by Craig Ballantyne below:

This never seemed to me like a really useful exercise. Ok - it is about the only real posterior chain move that you can do with just bodyweight - especially if you just use one leg at a time, but it didn't seem useful..........Last night however things fell into place. This is a really important move! The videos below explain how important this motion is to get someone off you:

We drilled this a lot last night and I am sore today!


Anonymous said...

not bothering check if i'm right, but if i remember correctly isn´t that last video bridge move same as "umpas", as shown in here : http://journal.monkeybargym.com/videos/?tag=Core

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