Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cotter jumps

You know I like jumps.

These look amazing. Steve Cotter is using these moves to help prepare his legs for an upcoming kettlebell contest.

He says

Trying to prepare the best I can for the first-ever Arnold Sports Festival Kettlebell Championship on March 7th. It has been awhile since I’ve trained like an athlete, for an event that I want to perform well in. Any serious athlete is going to have to train the legs and kettlebells is definitely a serious sport.


Anonymous said...

Kettlebell jumps are cool :)

Anonymous said...

I love being exposed to new ideas that I can incorporate into my own training sessions. Thanks for the cool, inspiring clips, Chris.

Chris said...

Glad you enjoyed! Cotter is an amazing athlete.

Asclepius said...

Check out 'Gates Jumps'! (Probably not the type of Gates you were thinking of!)

Chris said...



that is getting posted!

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