Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Impossible is nothing

Coach Sommer pointed this one out. In terms of pure strength few can compete with gymnasts.

French Olympian Danny Rodrigues, the first athlete in history to compete what many considered an impossible strength element on the still rings; the Victorian. In fact he is so incredibly strong, that he has two variations of the Victorian in his routine. Be prepared for a little drama in the middle of the clip.


. said...

Very impressive, but you didn't tell us (and neither did the clip) what exactly "the victorian" is.

Also, I have to admit to a deep dislike of slogans like "Impossible is Nothing". Obviously, impossible is impossible - If someone can do it, it falls into the category of 'very difficult'. Even if you grant that it's just slightly over-enthusiastic way to refer to something that was previously thought to be impossible before someone did it the first time, it's still clearly not "nothing" - if it were "nothing," then everyone could do it.

The most annoying thing is that impressive performances such as these don't need puffing up with dumb macho slogans.

Chris said...

Fair point Chainey regarding the macho slogans.

A "victorian" is a cross with the body held on the horizontal and facing upwards.